ID Scanning Privacy




In accordance with the Liquor Act 1992, we are required to scan your photo identification before you enter the premises after 10pm each day to check if you have been issued with a banning order that applies to this premises.


You may also be prevented from entering if you are subject to a ban initiated by this venue or you are subject to a banning order or venue ban for another venue.


If we do not scan your identification as required by the Liquor Act, then we must not allow you to enter the premises.


The Liquor Act exempts certain persons from having their ID scanned, such as temporary or permanent residents of the regulated premises. The full list of exemptions is outlined in section 173 EH(7) of the Liquor Act.


The personal information we collect when scanning your ID is limited to name, date of birth and photo. It may only be used to:


  • identify if you have been issued with a current banning order or licensee ban


  • create a venue ban.


    All personal information is stored at the venue and by the approved operator in a way that protects it from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Your personal information is automatically and permanently deleted from the ID scanner system 30 days after it is first entered into the system. However, information on banned people will be held in the system for the period of the ban, which may exceed 30 days.


You may request access to the personal information that is held about you. You can contact us or our approved operator to request this information. You will need to provide photo ID before any information can be released. Some exceptions apply.


You can also ask us to correct the personal information that is held about you. We will require satisfactory proof of the inaccuracy before we consider correcting your personal information.


Further information is available in our ID Scanner Privacy Policy which is publically available on our website at or please ask us for a copy.

To make a complaint or raise privacy concerns, contact this venue's privacy officer at or our approved operator Scantek Solutions at .